Lunch menu

At 21212 we change our menu regularly – every week in fact.
Our five course menu includes:
• Choice of two starters
• Soup
• Choice of two main dishes
• Cheese
• Choice of two desserts

This week’s lunch menu

Risotto Ala Grecque
All Things Inbetween
(Optional Anchovy + Walnuts)

Smoked Salmon "Geeks"
Eggs, Neeps, Leeks




Bass "Special Opps"
Olive, Prawn, Peanuts, Spinach

Chicken, Pecan & Pimento 
Spring Vegetables
Argan - Cauliflower




Spring Forward
Rhubarb & Ginger Compote
Sweetcorn & Cashews

Raspberry Riz Condê
Almonds & Cucumber
Mint Syrup