Dinner menu

At 21212 we change our menu regularly – every week in fact.
Our five course menu includes:
• Choice of two starters
• Soup
• Choice of two main dishes
• Cheese
• Choice of two desserts

Please be aware our kitchen is not gluten free or nut free and while we will endeavour for your dishes to be to your wishes we cannot guarantee there will be no traces.

This week’s dinner menu

Smoked Salmon

Prune, Hazelnuts, Curry

Porridge, Haggis “Risotto”



Autumn Allotment Soup


"Silk Road" Trout

Onion, Pear, Almond, Goji

McSurf & Turf

Red Sauce




Broken Tart

Custard Heart

Lemon Barley

Chocolate Coffee

Melon Milk, Walnut

New Year's Eve Dinner 31st 2018


Creamy Truffle, Yuletide Haggis, Argan & Yeast



Saffron, Onion, Spinach


“M or F”

Beef/Trout/Chicken, “Red”Gravy, Winter Roots



12 “Gudduns” European


Festive Winter “Trifle”

New Year’s 2019 Glayva Shortbread, Basil Custard

5 Course Dinner £150pp with a Glass of Vintage Champagne on arrival.
Credit card details required to book table.
Full dinner payment will be taken on 24th December (non-refundable & non-transferrable)
We would like to politely advise our guests that the restaurant will be closing at 11.30 pm on the evening of the 31st December to ensure our guests have enough time to reach their chosen destination before the bells at midnight.

All bookings by email only
Please Advise of Any Food Allergies